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Cloud management services help organizations in their transition journey from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based technologies. Offlate, the cloud has become a strategic asset in the digital landscape for all companies, offering greater flexibility, scalability, and cost advantages compared to traditional data center technologies.    

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Cloud Services

Badges of our multi-cloud management services

  • Possessing expertise in multi-cloud hybrid architecture – IAAS, PAAS, On-premises Microsoft & VMWare Private Clouds, AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Over 10 years of experience in designing, implementing, and managing multi-cloud environments.
  • Operates a robust ecosystem of cloud management tools and resources.
  • Skilled and certified support teams
  • Supporting customers in Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, and Services industries

Cloud Infrastructure and Management Solutions

Net Access possesses deep expertise in multi-cloud design, implementation, and management. One of the hallmarks of Net Access’s cloud infrastructure management services engage with customers at all levels to understand their requirements and arrive at a highly scalable, secure, and optimized solution. 

Recommend holistic solutions like a multi-account hybrid cloud infrastructure that is safe, secure, and fault-tolerant and setting up connectivity to provide high bandwidth low latency direct connections between on-premises data center and cloud service providers.

Cloud Managed Services Providers in India

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Why cloud-managed services?

Optimized performance

Continuously monitor and manage workloads to ensure resources are not wasted and auto-scale wherever necessary.

Cost Efficiency

Subscribe to cloud services based on the uptime of workloads and processes to optimize cost and performance.

Backup and disaster recovery

Set up processes and tools for backup and recovery from breakdowns and unexpected incidents ensuring data integrity and availability with agreed RPO and RTO.

Security and Compliance

Protect the workload and data from external and internal threats through encryption, identity protection and firewall configuration, and security log management.

Application integration

Assist customers in enabling the integration of applications with the best cloud-managed services.

Monitoring and Event Management

Centralized monitoring tools and alerting systems for quick response and resolution. Optimize cost by using native and customized tools for monitoring and event management.

End-to-end managed cloud services

Net Access provides a range of cloud infrastructure management services from initial consultation and strategy development to deployment and continuous management.  Our cloud management ecosystem includes: 

Cloud Strategy Development

Understanding the business needs of customers and assisting in tailoring a cloud strategy that aligns with their goals.

Deployment and Migration

Support for Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) and Platform as a Service (PAAS) models. Migrating digital assets from on-premises to cloud environment with minimal disruption by using native replication and migration tools.

Continuous monitoring of hybrid infrastructure

Fine-tune the cloud workloads through automation and scripts to ensure optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Application Integration

Work with customers and vendors for application integration with cloud infrastructure, storage, database, and network components

Billing Management

Assist customers in their billing and payment tracking cycles and engage with cloud providers to resolve billing discrepancies and credit management.

Strategic partnerships of our cloud computing and managed services

Net Access with its strong presence in cloud consulting services has been partnering over the past 10 years with the top cloud services providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS gives Net Access added advantages and access to advanced technologies, training and support, custom solutions, and cost efficiency that is passed on to customers.  


AWS cloud management services

Embrace the highly acclaimed cloud properties of AWS. As recognized AWS consulting partners, we redesign how your company works with AWS through innovative solutions and unlocking its soaring business potential.    


Azure cloud management services

Choose Microsoft Azure as your cloud host and we help you choose an appropriate cloud service provider for your business needs and manage them. 

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Benefits of choosing us as your cloud
managed service provider

Our solutions are not just cloud-centric, they are tailored to the needs of finance, manufacturing, and services industries.


Decades of Trust

Our long-standing presence in the IT industry and serving customers with commitment and ownership is testimony to our clientele’s trust in our support model.



Productivity application, network, database, security, and identity management OEMs


Regular updates

We perform routine updates promptly, so you get the best of the latest cloud security and feature upgrades.


Credible affiliations

We have partnerships with industry-leading OEMs in the cloud


Swift resolution

Incidents are handled and resolved by skilled and experienced teams and referred to OEM support for faster resolution of complex issues.


Comprehensive cloud management ecosystem

Net Access possesses a robust ecosystem that consists of infrastructure management teams in Network, Server, database, and security services. The support infrastructure operates 24x7 to ensure uninterrupted operations.


Seamless integrations

We help you add additional cloud computing resources and get more out of your cloud service provider by integrating them into your tech ecosystem without causing downtimes.

Our cloud-managed services value proposition

Simple cloud management

With Net Access, you can shift your legacy technology to the cloud and access all the functions of your operations from multiple remote points.

Expense optimization

Easy-to-subscribe pay-as-you-go cloud payment models with simple licensing and understandable contracts for curbing expenses.

Automated scaling

We automate traffic balancing of your cloud ecosystem, enabling you to carry out business activities without interruption.

One-stop for all your cloud needs

A holistic approach involving compute resources, network, security, and management of cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, we are the best Azure-managed service providers.


Utilize analytics to optimize your cloud infrastructure, so it is ready to run optimally even after new deployments or changes in configuration.

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Net Access explained the budget and the milestones in a clear-cut way and gave me the confidence to adopt cloud technology.

Anita Raj

Tremendously happy with my experience in reaching Net Access for my cloud infrastructure requirements.

Sagar Patel

Technically sound engineers, prompt updates. Excellent cloud and infrastructure-managed services from Net Access.

Praveen Mukerjee

Net Access provided fantastic optimization of cloud resources, allowing my applications to run efficiently around the clock.

Preeti Fernandez

Simple-to-understand consultation led me to decide to migrate to the cloud. It is worth every bit.

Bhaskar Rao

Frequently Asked Questions

Reducing costs, improving flexibility and scalability, security, and workflows are the major benefits of migrating to the cloud.

We provide managed services for Azure and AWS cloud service providers.

Cloud service providers offer the cloud infrastructure and platform. Cloud-managed service providers operate and manage the infrastructure on your behalf.

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive support at every step of the way. Take advantage of our industry-leading managed AWS and managed Azure cloud support service.

It is a process where we ensure your applications have enough cloud computing resources to run smoothly.

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