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The state of your IT topology is vital in determining your operational efficiency and transforming your workflow for the digital era. We handpick and offer valuable business-oriented solutions to fast-forward your day-to-day activities. Change up the pace of operations without compromising on technology quality. To ensure your business is always on, predict the changes in the technology before it happen and transform your digital environment to stay relevant.

Net Access is helping you to adapt to the digital age with enterprise technology services and solutions that are transforming the face of organizations and improving the user experience through our wide range of top-notch IT services & solutions. Using our unparalleled techniques to analyze your business requirements, we modernize your digital ecosystem for the best work experience.

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Our services

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Services

Our digital infrastructure services
deploy tailor-made solutions to give businesses an incredible agility boost for higher returns and to be ready for future organizational objectives.

IT Infrastructure Development & Management Solutions

Holistic assistance for troubleshooting and overcoming issues swiftly, fostering frictionless workflows. Round-the-clock support for various challenges.

Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management (HDIM)

Assessment of risks, penetration testing, security monitoring, security compliance, and more to protect your infrastructure from cyber threats.

IT Infrastructure Managed Services and Consulting Solutions

Enhance the experience at your workplace through a suite of powerful digital solutions and services to deliver personalized, seamless experiences for your employees anywhere, anytime, on any device. Modernization of the workplace environment speeds up productivity.

Enterprise Digital Infrastructure & Cloud Migration Services

Elevate retail and commerce prospects with quick and robust L1 application assistance services. One-stop support for all application and infrastructure-related help.

Best-in-class applications from the highly acclaimed enterprise IT applications provider

Digital Applications

Ramp up operations, drill down into the granular details of your daily activities, gain a bird’s eye view of your business progress, and more with state-of-the-art digital applications. Make informed decisions backed by data, and streamline niche workflow pipelines. We offer a gamut of application solutions to simplify the most complex tasks.

Crop management system

A supply chain management system for the seamless management of farmers, plots, various stages of crop growth, automated weighment, and payment processes from a single, holistic application.

Field force management software - Agriculture

The ultimate software solution for planning the required workforce, attendance management, activity logging, generating sales reports, and mapping farms region-wise. Boost your agriculture business throughput.

Gate management system

Revolutionize gate operations with our advanced Gate Management Solution. Digitize, automate, and integrate weighment operations along with various gate registers.

Lease management software

Accurately measure your rented spaces in a digitized format using digital technology. Monitor lease dates, evaluate expenses, and manage all other lease facets against the contract.

Board meeting management software

Digitize your corporate board meetings and elevate innovation with our feature-rich software for scheduling meetings, secure sharing of documents, and more.

Industries that benefit from our IT infrastructure management solutions

Business processes in each industry domain are on the fast lane when the solutions in use exactly complement the end goals. Our refined approaches to tailoring world-class IT infrastructure-managed services and consulting solutions are helping grow an increasing number of businesses to unlock brand-new, profitable potentials. We understand the intricate requirements of several industries. 

Assisting manufacturers in digitizing and modernizing daily activities to surpass customer expectations. Net Access provides sound infrastructure expertise, capabilities, and plans to help manufacturers overcome hurdles in modernizing their IT ecosystems and improving plant automation. Read More
Transforming payment capabilities and providing exceptional services suited to microloan organizations and others. Net Access drives growth, meets customer demand, simplifies non-banking operations, and provides extensive expertise to elevate business prospects. Furthermore, we guard against increasing security threats. Modernize your organization today. Read More
Assisting insurers to modernize and transform for the new era. Net Access transforms insurance companies by simplifying task complexities, business process optimization, and implementing robust infrastructures. With over two decades of technical experience, we craft foundations that enable you to speed up technology developments. Read More
Helping travel and hospitality companies build loyalty with stable and dependable technology solutions. Net Access fulfills new business goal objectives by upgrading legacy systems and providing infrastructures at scale, and expert knowledge. Read More
Meet the ever-changing needs of customers, get the most out of your hardware, and streamline your retail mobile processes with the MDM Platform. Mobile Device Management platform providing full visibility, control, and optimization of the critical mobile hardware and software underpinning your retail operations.Read More
Assisting hospitals & healthcare institutions to deliver best-in-class patient care. Net Access provides industry-leading technology solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing business ecosystem. Our expertise helps you unlock higher operational efficiencies, minimize costs, transform business potential, and heighten patient care.Read More
Helping travel and hospitality companies build loyalty with stable and dependable technology solutions. Net Access fulfills new business goal objectives by upgrading legacy systems and providing infrastructures at scale, and expert knowledge. Read More
Optimize your finance operations by streamlining tasks, managing multiple branches more efficiently, and boosting customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive suite of services, covering IT infrastructure management, messaging and collaboration, and cybersecurity, is crafted to improve efficiency, facilitate seamless communication, and strengthen your digital defenses. Read More

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Our approach to delivering our enterprise IT infrastructure services

AI-driven solutions for helpdesks and problem resolutions:

At Net Access, we provide best-in-class services for routine responses to common inquiries using automated and integrated features. Our solutions allow you to get precise insights into helpdesk activities and keep your customers happy with faster response and provide a superior experience to the users.

 We are providing hands-on experience to people through our center of excellence for advanced technologies.


IT Facility Management Services & Solutions

Chart out a roadmap

We evaluate your existing infrastructure and analyze pain points while carefully analyzing technology risks like security and architecture.

IT Facility Management Services

Develop solutions

Discussions with our internal teams along with customer representatives pave the way for picking effective solutions that align and improve your business processes.

IT FMS services


Reconfiguration and optimization in phases without interruptions.

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Services

Quality analysis

After deployment we measure and analyze the results. Implement changes/modifications for improvement.

IT Solutions Provider


We monitor and manage various aspects of your technology.


My business productivity has drastically improved thanks to the board meeting application.

Praveen Malhotra

Great support from the Net Access team to help me learn to use the software.

Bhuvanesh Patel

Easy to navigate board meeting management software.

Seshan Pathra

The convenient pricing of the software enabled me to purchase it immediately.

Mani Selvan

The most feature-rich online meeting management software I have used.

Priya Manohar

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