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Ensure a stable and efficient IT network with top-notch design, implementation, monitoring & management services of the same by Net Access.

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Managed network services provider

Businesses happen online and the data network is critical for any enterprise to provide improved customer experience and enhanced productivity. A reliable, efficient, and cost-effective IT network plays an important role in this. Net Access has the expertise and tools to provide a completely managed network that handles all three types of enterprise networks. 

  • Wired Local Area Network (LAN) 
  • Wireless Local Area Network (Wi-Fi) 
  • Wide Area Network and Internet (WAN) 

Net Access is a trusted network consulting services provider with more than 20 years of experience. We have the knowledge and experience to work with multiple service providers and provide an availability of 99.99% with optimal expenses.

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Network Audit Services

Net Access provides IT Audits for existing large networks to map network diagrams, devices, and rules. Once the audit is completed Net Access expert team analyses and provides suggestions for improvements, enhancements, and cost optimization. We also assist in implementing and maintaining the same. 

 We use the best tools in the industry to map the network and measure critical parameters.    

Hire our top-notch IT network audit services.

Managed Network Services Solutions
Network Management as a Service

Service elements we cover-The leading IT Network infrastructure management company

  • Monitoring and Maintenance services
  • Network Auditing And Consulting Services
  • Campus WiFi Implementation And Management
  • Network Capacity Planning And Optimization
  • Network Perimeter Security Implementation

Why rely on Net Access for network management services?

Strong reasons support why Net Access is the apt managed-network service solution for companies.

20+ years of experience as a managed-network service provider with proven large-scale deployments.

Flexible commercial model for support in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns.

Get complete visibility & control with internet security and connectivity enhancements.

Embrace custom solutions with complete ownership of results.

We minimize operational costs - measurable SLAs and expense predictions.

Be in the care of round-the-clock support from a multilingual team.

Types of network infrastructure management services we offer



Implement Software-defined Wide Area Network to regulate traffic flow by blocking and permitting specific files like .exe and mp4.



Gain outstanding bandwidth with network establishments within business and institution premises.



Install network capabilities in dispersed locations over a wide geographical



Network data packet transmission to a wide range of devices wirelessly via modern router systems.


Routing and load balancing

Balancing of data inward and outward. Management of data traffic for efficient networking.


Network optimization

Get the best out of network systems with our network infrastructure monitoring and optimization services that handles caching, compression, de-duplication, byte-level optimization, and reports generation.

Network Management Systems Solutions

A to Z visibility of our outsourced network management operations

Any network activity our network performance management specialists undertake on your behalf, we log and document for full transparency and accountability such as:

  • Incident reports with underlying causes analysis
  • Process documents
  • Network configuration and connection flowcharts
  • Network redesign architecture
  • Reports on vulnerability assessment and penetration tests
  • KPIs for network security strength, data transfer quality, etc

Easy pricing options that meet the scope of your network infrastructure requirements

Static monthly fee

Monitoring, post-implementation activities, and issue resolutions fall under a static monthly fee plan.

Fixed one-time payment

It is a single payment plan that covers clearly defined network management operations.

Per ticket cost

Additional requirements from the agreed scope fall under a monthly payment plan.

Time & material

L3 assistance in any event where an alteration of your network infrastructure is required.

Cisco network management services

Net Access with Cisco

Our Cisco-certified experts offer extensive support in managing and maintaining your network infrastructure on Cisco equipment. Our L3 Cisco networking solution engineers and support teams provide super-fast response times to keep your Cisco servers running efficiently. Enhance the life of your Cisco data centers with industry-leading hardware maintenance support. Get in touch with the best Cisco network management services today. Supported Cisco network devices include:

 Leverage the best-in-class Cisco network management services offered by Net Access. With our expertise and utilization of the latest tech advancements, we can elevate your network infrastructure to new heights of efficiency and security.

Unlock Success Stories

Supported Cisco Network Devices

Our comprehensive support covers a wide range of Cisco network devices, including but not limited to:


Cisco security appliances

Keep your network safe and protected with advanced security solutions from Cisco.


Cisco Nexus

Experience high-performance data center switching solutions with Cisco Nexus switches.


Cisco Edge

Optimize your network's edge with Cisco's cutting-edge edge devices.


Cisco Routers

Empower your network with powerful and reliable Cisco routers.


Cisco UCS

Unlock the potential of your data centers with the industry-leading Cisco UCS servers.

Upgrade Your Network with Net Access and Cisco

Transform your network with the latest technology and industry-leading support from Net Access-the network services company. Contact us today to discover how our Cisco network management services can boost your network’s efficiency and security, enabling your business to thrive in the digital age.

Net Access with HPE Aruba

HPE Aruba is known for its strong security, AI-powered insights, and cloud-based management. An effective management and maintenance strategy is necessary to get the best out of the enterprise’s networking products, including Firewalls and Check Point devices. We offer agile and budget-friendly Aruba central network management solutions to troubleshoot potential issues instantly, cull maintenance costs, and boost cloud-managed networking processes.

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The post-implementation and maintenance support Net Access provides is outstanding.

Yasmin Abdul

As a new entrant into network infrastructure, Net Access gave me expert guidance to choose the best data centers and components to support my business activities through their network consulting services.

Reshma Prithviraj

From getting to know the professionals at Net Access to signing up with them, the entire process was a breeze. Excellent IT network management system solutions from Net Access.

Kumar Senthil

Well-versed HPE Aruba network management service provider. The team’s sound knowledge keeps my business running frictionlessly.

Ramesh Gowda

I like how easy it is to reach Net Access when I have any questions about my network infrastructure. The team is fast and responsive.

Tenali Kaushal

Frequently Asked Questions

Cisco Systems, Huawei Technologies, and HPE Aruba are some of the top network infrastructure providers. Reach us to know which one is the best fit for your business needs.

Our networking & cabling professionals have certifications such as Cisco Certified Network Associate, CompTIA Network+, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

LAN and WAN offer the same internet connections but in different geographical areas. The former serves a small area, whereas the latter serves a large area.

The minimization of IT costs, better network performance, higher security, and flexible scalability are benefits we provide.
Discrepancies in bandwidth, latency, outdated hardware, and improper network design are some of the factors that hinder network performance.

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