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Our integrated lease management system is a complete agreement management system with an inbuilt agreement approval workflow. It can digitally measure the floor area and upload its image with property and landowner information from the field to the backend team to shortlist and finalize the desired property.

Integrated Lease Management System

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Advanced retail lease management software

Retail Lease Management Software

Large-scale retail organizations hire/lease shops across a large geographical region. Consequently, the merchandise is available to a larger group of customers. During the management of shops, retail conglomerates handle multiple contract agreements, area measurement of shops to hire/lease, and more. Manually governing these lease management procedures is cumbersome, hinders visibility, and falters business progress.

We simplified the integral procedures of retail lease management with the best lease administration software. Our dedicated system provides a robust workflow framework and integrates with other functions, mainly the digital land survey. You can measure floor areas and upload their images with property details from the site for approval. Furthermore, the system enables you to process and execute legal, financial, and audit formalities from the site of acquisition. That results in a boost in operational efficiency and strengthens the operational and transactional process of lease management.

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Our contract and lease management software overcome various challenges.

  • Handling unique, shop owner-specific rental agreements & payment terms
  • Management and monitoring of recurring payments without oversights
  • Lack of a digital system to manage rental payments
  • Manual updates at all stages of lease management
  • Absence of contract status visibility
  • Shoddy and erroneous lease reports
  • Data silos and time-consuming operational control
  • No interface between traditional solutions and ERPs
  • No process notification alerts for contract renewals
  • No email notification or SMS alert
Contract And Lease Management Software

How the end-to-end lease management system works

1The company creates an agreement that passes through several approval processes

2After approval of the agreement, a document verification occurs

3Then, the field team initializes and carries out a land survey by integrating a distance measurement system using lasers with our lease management software systems

4The measurement readings will be integrated and stored in the commercial lease management software.

integrated lease management system
Best Lease Management Software

5The shop survey details undergo approval

6The company creates vendor codes for vendors

7The company sends a draft copy of the agreement to the landlord

8The landlord signs and returns the agreement

9Our property lease management software stores the final agreement. The landlord gets a soft and hard copy.

A fully customizable integrated lease management system in India

Net Access’s lease management software is highly flexible to work at scale with your retail operations. Our system has powerful capabilities for:

Data management, reporting, and tracking

Operations and management optimization

Robust integrations

Features of our lease management software

Benefits of using our lease management software

  • Optimize lease management workflows and centrally manage professionals across various locations seamlessly
  • Engage field professionals with instructions and connect lease vendors with field executives
  • Measure spaces even in dim-lit conditions
  • Gain transparency into take-offs and estimations
  • Create, review, sign, and save agreements effortlessly
  • Export agreements and contracts with a single click
  • Boost business value and leverage excellent flexibility
  • Easy-to-learn software and effective
  • Save time and minimize overhead expenses
  • Attractive UI
End-To-End Lease Management System
Contract And Lease Management Software
  • Simple verification
  • Responsive screen design – can be used at Field level and HO for data and approvals
  • Contract approval at different levels
  • Easy to use and simple workflow management with configuration model
  • Reduced data capture at the HO level
  • Easy maintenance of the application
  • Faster and accurate MIS reports
  • Simplified shortlisting of properties
  • At-a-glance view of the latest developments in leases via the dashboard
  • Centralized storage of property agreement and landowner information
  • Simplified, on-time rent disbursement

Why choose Net Access?

Intuitive modern technologies powered lease management software to evaluate and deduce your lease requirements before you do. This Chennai-based lease management software enables you to capture and predict retail store-related data and make quick informed business decisions. For more information, reach us for a demo today.

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Retail Lease Management Software


A must-have software for large retailers

Radha Meenakshi

Setting up the software is incredibly easy

Usha Rani

Centralization of contracts and agreements is easy thanks to this software

Indrani Patel

Distance measurement with lasers is easy with the software’s integration capability

Geetha Priya

Excellent features in the easy-to-use lease management system in Chennai.

Laya John

Frequently Asked Questions

Our LMS system runs on any device that supports a browser app with an internet connection.

Contract renewals, agreement acknowledgments, contract approvals, etc.

Yes, you can add, modify, and delete contracts. 

Large-scale retailers can exponentially grow businesses with our software.
Absolutely, you save plenty of time and money while accelerating returns on investments.

Yes, Lease Management Software is suitable for businesses of all sizes in India. There are solutions available to cater to the requirements of both small and large enterprises, making

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