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Our Crop Management System is a solution for agricultural supply chain management, for any crop. The solution is implemented and running successfully at multiple sugar mills for supply management of Sugarcane Our crop management application ensures the consistent, and high-quality supply of crops by monitoring, tracking, and controlling every stage of crop growth until cultivation. 

Crop Management System

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Crop monitoring software

Advanced Crop/cane Management Software In India

Managing crops goes beyond the focus on cultivating and growing crops. Other axillary activities like plot governance, monitoring, crop yield, and weighing are vital to ensure success in organizations overseeing plantations.

Net Access offers a feature-loaded Web and Android application for accurate crop monitoring & management. It encompasses the business processes for cane management, from plot registration to harvesting and transportation. Seamlessly integrate our crop management system with your existing ERP to yield better recovery and higher profits today. 

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planting & registration modules(Crop/Cane management System)

  • Farmer and plot registration
  • Plot area measurement
  • Pre-planting assistance
  • Seed procurement, delivery & planting
  • Late registration
  • Crop calendar
  • Crop cultivation process
  • Field visit
  • Crop image upload
  • Plantation dashboard & reports
Crop management software
crop management system

Features of our Crop/Cane Management Software

  • Document 20-30 crop-specific activities
  • Fertilizer recommendation and issue review
  • On-field data capture
  • Mobile trip sheet generation
  • Harvesting arrangements
  • Fertilizer & pesticide supply management
  • Crop growth & farmer supplies tracking
  • MIS and analytics - reporting tool
  • Land survey system
  • Multi-plant operations management
  • Weighbridge automation

Crop/Cane Yard management

  • Transporter management
  • Cane diversions
  • Gate entry & yard balance
  • Weighment system
  • Online crushing dashboards
Cane Yard Management

Holistic crop/cane production and management system

Digitize and automate routine processes & workflows in the entire land planning, cultivation, and shipping lifecycle with our integrated crop management software.


Increase land utilization and crop harvest with effective business intelligence solutions.


Exchange and store information for maximum crop yield.


Review trace records with a few clicks of a button.

Key features and Advantages of Our Crop Monitoring Software

Dynamic Crop Management System

Key features

  • Farm plot geo-tagging
  • Crop detection
  • Input usage monitoring
  • Remote crop health monitoring
  • Task and workflow assignment
  • Pest and disease notifications
  • Personalize dashboard and reports


  • Farming automation and digitization
  • Higher data capture precision
  • Crop production forecasting
  • Traceability
  • Higher profitability
  • Increase in crop yield and quantity
  • Lesser overhead expenses
Crop Management Software

Track the state of the crop with our Farm Crop Management System (FCMS)

Manage multiple fields, slash costs on resources, and make informed decisions.
Farm Crop Management System
User-friendly farm and plot maps
Farm Crop Management System
Data-backed decisions
The Best Crop Management System
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Leverage Net Access’s sugarcane management software to achieve tremendous benefits

All your crop management needs are under a single cane management software roof.

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The Best Crop Management System

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cane management system

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crop monitoring & management

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crop monitoring & management


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Cane Management System


Excellent automation features.

Kate Samuel

Integration with existing ERPs and CRMs is a huge plus.

Hari Prasad

Effective monitoring features make assessing the health of crops easy.

Krishna Bhaskar

Spectacular application for assigning tasks to farmers.

Laya Menon

The software is incredible for managing the complete lifecycle of crops.

Reshma Thakur

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can choose what fields to view in your custom reports.
Integration is possible via robust APIs.
Yes, we provide round-the-clock software assistance.
Yes, we provide round-the-clock software assistance.
Absolutely, you can access the software from tablets, smartphones, and any remote desktop.
Absolutely, you can access the software from tablets, smartphones, and any remote desktop.

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