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Reliable data center colocation services in Chennai and Hyderabad with 24/7 hands-on support services to provide 99.99% availability to your hosted applications. 

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What are Net Access data center services exactly?

The agility of a business’s operations directly relies on its underlying IT infrastructure. At Net Access, we raise the bar on the speed at which your organization processes and stores digital information with high-end, secure, and ample storage-providing data centers. Gain a competitive edge in your market segment through flexible, highly manageable, and advanced data centers. As one of the best data center services in India, we also offer expert consultations on premise colocation, private cloud, and public cloud integration.

Our data centers possessing multi-layered physical security, complying with the latest data center standards are available in two bustling cities in India – Chennai and Hyderabad. Compliance standards include HIPAA, SSAE 18, and SOC 2 Type II to ensure a premium, continual computing experience. 

Get the best price for adopting our advanced data center services. Contact Net Access – the leading data center provider in India. Learn how we can transform your business potential through data center hosting or a cloud model.

Best Data Center Service Providers In India

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Scope of data center services

Choose from a list of business-augmenting enterprise infrastructure services to maximize your organizational prospects.

  • Design and migrate your existing on-premise infrastructure
  • Public cloud integration with data center infrastructure
  • Complete ownership and managed data center operations
  • Close monitoring of data center IT assets
  • Backup and restoration services
  • Database management
  • Disaster recovery management and design
  • Storage management services
  • Bandwidth services
  • Network and Server security services
Leading data center provider in India

Features and benefits of our
managed data center services

Run business operations at improved speeds, security, and scale when you want to. Net Access data center services & solutions bring you a wide range of features and subsequent benefits. 

Data Center Infrastructure Solutions and Services
  • Our time-tested tier-III data centers have a 99.99% uptime and redundant power and cooling sources
  • Net Access data centers in Chennai and Hyderabad are highly acclaimed.
  • We employ 24/7 power monitoring at rack levels, fire safety protocols, CCTV surveillance, and room temperature detection to support top-notch SLAs.
  • We offer a minimum range of racks dedicated to small-scale businesses that remain unaffected during natural disasters.
  • Power reserve capacity of 140 Kva.
  • No reports of failure instances since 2008
  • Power cycling testing once every six months to ensure equipment compliance with dual power supply.
  • Multiple HVAC units are available.

Data center types in India

When you choose a data center, you must be aware that not all data center management services & solutions are alike. They differ by ownership, position in the data center ecosystem, technologies in use, and storage capabilities. Those differentiating factors result in four data center types. 


Enterprise data centers

Data centers that a company hosts on its own premises or off-site for catering to end users.


Colocation data centers

Data centers provide the physical space, cooling, power, security, and other amenities for companies to rent and install their equipment.


Managed data centers

Managed colocated data centers Net Access provides for renting space to install equipment under 24/7 surveillance and supervision.


Cloud data centers

Data centers providing the infrastructure to host data and applications over the web, such as Google Cloud are cloud data centers.

What makes us the best data center service providers in India?

Keeping business requirements in mind helped us establish our one-of-a-kind data center facilities. We pay much attention to taking care of our data center topology.

  • Our premium data centers are located in 2 independent zones- Chennai & Hyderabad.
  • We’ve time-tested our data centers for almost any manmade and natural disaster. We provide 100% safety.
  • You will always have a human in touch whom you can reach out to for any queries and updates.
Data Center Services & Solutions
Top Data Center Service Providers in India

We ensure uninterrupted power with dual channel power connections to ensure the data center runs without electricity adversities round-the-clock. We also facilitate power optimization by monitoring the power that enters the data centers with safeguarding hardware that regulates voltage, redirects power, and triggers emergency responses. Transparency is an assurance. At any moment of the day or night, we have complete visibility into our data centers via surveillance technologies for maximum security and monitoring. And we keep our data centers cool. We employ top-end quiet, cooling solutions that are easy on the environment and highly effective so computers and servers work at optimal ranges. 

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I highly recommend Net Access data centers. The company has the facilities to ensure 24/7 uptime.

Ashish Mehra

Signing up with Net Access data center services was a quick and hassle-free process.

Senthil Kumaravel

My business fully functions on Net Access data centers. It has been a splendid experience.

Asma Hussain

I admire the temperature monitoring systems Net Access employs in its data centers. It is a highly proactive way of addressing potential discrepancies at the earliest.

Atul Bannerjee

I have never run into any performance issues with Net Access data centers. They have been reliable since day one.

Grace Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

Colocation data centers are data center types where a company can install its servers in a physical space managed by a third party.

We are happy to share a picture and video gallery of the data center. Only authorized personnel have access to our data center sites.

Yes, please get in touch with us to know more.

We must evaluate your requirements to ensure you get the best data center services from us.

With data centers in Hyderabad and Chennai, our data center & network infrastructure solutions offer exceptionally low latency levels.

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