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IT infrastructure managed services In India

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Services

IT infrastructure is the foundation that companies depend on to support modern business operations. The more seamless and managed infrastructure is, the more efficient and secure daily operations are. Easier said than done, the emergence of complex infrastructure landscapes has increased complexities and expenses, causing technology systems to falter when there is too much to manage with limited resources and skill sets.

Net Access eliminates infrastructure bottlenecks and facilitates Infrastructure and Applications to function efficiently. Comprising of highly technically sound enterprise IT FMS service experts, we provide 24/7×365 days of monitoring and management with optimized infrastructure costs and never-before operational efficiency.

With extensive experience working with clients belonging to various industry domains, Net Access has qualified professionals to address every requirement and issue related to IT infrastructure. From designing your information technology topology from scratch as pre-implementation analysis, and configurations to maintenance and support, we cover all of them under our advanced infrastructure services and solutions. 

We understand the IT infrastructure landscape and the need to ensure each component communicates with each other flawlessly. We employ industry-leading practices to optimize and configure the IT ecosystem intelligently. Holistic IT  infrastructure management services and digital desk solutions that transform and modernize your business. Lift the limits of your business. Reach us today.

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IT managed Services Offerings

Our digital infrastructure services deploy tailor-made solutions to give businesses an incredible agility boost for higher returns and to be ready for future organizational objectives. 

Data center services

Take advantage of advanced Tier 3 data centers in Chennai and Hyderabad that accommodate colocation renting and cloud hosting. Our world-class managed services for data center infrastructure keep servers cool and supplied with uninterrupted power 24/7.

Network Transformation Services

In the dynamic realm of technology, change is the only constant. At Net Access, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in comprehending, assessing, and revitalizing their IT networks to align with the contemporary demands of applications, ensuring seamless user experiences. Our network transformation services are designed to empower businesses with the agility and efficiency required in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Cloud services

Improve intra-business operations and provide exceptional experiences to customers with the ultimate cloud-managed services. Our Cloud Experts get into the nitty gritty of cloud server management, especially AWS, and Azure, so you can harness the true power of the cloud and drive your business to skyrocketing heights.

Network management services

We facilitate the seamless transmission of network data through each of your IT infrastructure elements at optimal, flexible loads. With our Industry standard solutions for network governance, we deliver a secure, reliable, and high-performing network to end-users. Our OEM-certified experts are ready to establish and configure network components with new-age technologies for the best results.

Why choose net access for enterprise infrastructure management services?

Several qualities in our digital infrastructure solution-providing company differentiate us from others.

Quick time to market

Our track record with various clients enables us to manage services at incredible speeds and get your initiatives to the market quicker.

No downtime

Your business operations remain uninterrupted during the course of our managed-service activities.

Comprehensive evaluation

We assess your existing infrastructure ecosystem before making changes to ensure hassle-free compatibility.

On-time delivery

Our suite of high-tech tools allows us to meet your organizational managed-service objectives at high speeds.

IT Infrastructure Managed Services And Consulting Solutions

Experience the Net Access difference-The Best IT Infrastructure Management Company In India

Our enterprise IT infrastructure management services merge the ultimate technology experience, consulting, and implementation models and offer them under one roof. Net Access reshapes your digital landscape through world-class collaboration and excellence. 

We eliminate technology barriers and skyrocket your business efficiencies via the best infrastructure management approaches, KPIs, and security measures. Contact us to learn more.

Outcomes we deliver-IT Infrastructure management Services Company In India

Several top-rated companies in their industry domains regard Net Access as a highly-trusted IT infrastructure services & solutions provider in India. The business value we boost and the transformations that cut costs and increase productivity earn us the reputation we maintain and supersede every year.

Close monitoring

We consistently monitor and send out valuable reports to our customers.

Higher stability

Our IT infrastructure managed services and consulting solutions make your systems resource and load discrepancy proof.


Regular security vulnerability testing and simultaneous patching.


We use the latest procedures for software and hardware implementation.

Cost reduction

We leverage automation and productivity to lower IT management costs.

We bring innovation, unparalleled commitment, and results-The Leading IT infrastructure management company in India

The quality of your IT infrastructure determines the success of your organization. Hiring us as your provider of IT facility management services & solutions catalyzes your business progress while minimizing costs and driving up revenue.

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I didn’t realize how much optimization can improve the performance of my IT infrastructure. Excellent custom hybrid digital infrastructure management (HDIM) services from the professionals at Net Access.

Suresh Dingra

Of all the managed-service companies I have tried, Net Access is a one-of-a-kind IT infrastructure management service company in India.

Muneer Ahmed

Redesigning my IT infrastructure was the goal. The team offered and implemented excellent digital infrastructure solutions for the same.

Bhuvanesh Kulkarni

Giving away my share of the server management workload to Net Access’s managed IT infrastructure services reduced costs in many ways.

John Arockiam

Stupendous digital infrastructure managed services & solutions from Net Access. All of their services helped sculpt my business.

Jaspreet Singh

Frequently Asked Questions

Managing IT infrastructure with in-house resources can cost a lot of time, money, and lack of expertise. A third party is typically an expert that can manage infrastructures on your behalf with laser precision, resulting in grand benefits.

Absolutely. Without IT FMS services, unprecedented downtime is a high risk that can impact business operations.

Effective cooling, dehumidifiers, uninterrupted power supply, and fire hazard measures help servers last long.

Yes. In addition to providing managed services, we help you get started from the ground up.

There are many options. Please reach us so we can evaluate and offer the perfect data center solution for your business requirements. 

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