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User-friendly and secure board meeting management software that enables directors, committee members, and spearheading teams to effortlessly manage meeting schedules, share agendas, set access controls, send annotations, and conduct surveys. 

Corporate Board Meeting Management Software

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Enterprise Meeting Management Software

Board meetings are integral for various entities in an organization where the chairman, managing directors, board members, company auditors, and others to convene, review, map out, and enhance business plans. It is critical to inform every organizational member of the forthcoming board meetings and their subsequent developments. 

Our application is a feature-rich, all-encompassing board meeting software with premium security policies to meet every need of administrators and board members. The application eliminates paper-based board meeting approaches and automates document sharing, record keeping, and upholding compliance norms.  Our board meeting software for board management has enterprise-grade governance features for creating and sending meeting agendas, enabling conversations through a chat interface, feedback systems, approval systems, search filters, and more. Conduct high-calibre board discussions while securing sensitive information with our best E-board meeting management software in India

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Our E-board meeting management system is for


Convene authorized personnel for meetings, distribute discussion materials, track meetings, send prompt meeting alerts, and share feedback surveys.


Effectively review agendas, finalize topics for discussion, develop corporate policies, and share new process implementations.

Board members

Get clarity on board meeting schedules from secretaries within the meeting management software, communicate, and access meeting materials securely.


Create user accounts, and configure user access to board communications, materials, and survey forms.

Secretarial Team

Present the team’s progress visually, discuss objectives and progress, answer queries, and resolve concerns.

Board meeting module

Exchange and collaborate on sensitive company information seamlessly and securely with our digital board management software.

Board meeting management system

Governance of meetings

Our board app lets you effectively manage meeting schedules, agendas, and materials. Implement the best board meeting governance practices.

best E-board meeting management software

User privileges

Configure user-level permissions to allow and disallow access to specific areas of the software for board meetings.

Board meeting management software

Intelligent collaboration

Our board app provides company members with an easy way to involve themselves in planning and reviewing, offering comments, and sharing annotations.

Cloud Transformation Service


Our board meeting app protects your confidential meeting materials and recordings from unauthorized access and entities.

E-Board Meeting Module

E-Board Evaluation Module

Govern meetings in 3 simple steps

Before meeting

During the meeting

Post meeting

Intuitive features of our board management solution

  • Meeting schedule management
  • Meeting records sharing
  • Access control
  • Participants management
  • Annotations creation
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Board evaluation module
  • Meeting assessments
  • Minutes of the meeting capture
  • Meetings chat
  • Approval system
  • Agenda builder
Board meeting software

What makes our corporate board meeting management software unique?

Free of charge setup, support and training materials, simple subscriptions, on-site installation, on-site training, and multi-lingual support over telephone and email.

Benefits of using Board meeting app- the best digital board meeting software

  • Virtual, remote connection from anywhere
  • Higher productivity
  • Increase in operational efficiency
  • Communications streamlining
  • Collaborate securely
  • Intelligent notifications
  • Easy accessibility
  • A single, centralized repository
E-board meeting management software.

How our board of directors meeting software is secure

Net Access is ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our workflows, controls, and security approaches undergo regular audits. We follow the latest, industry-leading security practices to protect customer data in our board management software for the board of directors.


ISO 27001:2013 certification

Our security policies and infrastructure have earned this certification, reassuring our customers of the privacy and safety of company data.


Data encryption

The storage of information in our virtual board meeting software gets encrypted and prevents unauthorized persons from accessing it.


VAPT tested

Our identification and resolution of threat approaches in our e-board application is VAPT tested.


App monitoring

We perform 24x7 surveillance of the board management software for boards and executives to safeguard your data with integrated SOC from our powerful data centres.


Two-factor authentication

We provide double authentication protocols that require approval by two methods for extra data safety.


Access permission

We allow only administrators to handle user permissions to meeting materials and reviews.


My business productivity has drastically improved thanks to the board meeting application.

Praveen Malhotra

Great support from the Net Access team to help me learn to use the software.

Bhuvanesh Patel

Easy to navigate board meeting management software.

Seshan Pathra

The convenient pricing of the software enabled me to purchase it immediately.

Mani Selvan

The most feature-rich online meeting management software I have used.

Priya Manohar

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, you can use the software from anywhere at any time.

As an administrator, you can set file access permissions, meeting attendance permissions, and more.

You can access the software from any device that supports a browser and an internet connection.

Yes, you can collaborate with team members by adding comments to the software.

Yes, most board meeting management software solutions offer mobile and remote access, allowing board members to participate and access materials from anywhere.

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