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We scan every component of your IT infrastructure to evaluate defense improvement requirements and deploy effective remediations through our cybersecurity assessment services.

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An overview of our cybersecurity risk assessment services

IT security assessment and consulting services from Net Access aim at performing a complete top-to-bottom evaluation of a company’s cyber breach preparedness and compliance. Our solution ranges from security policy review to testing and cyber defense.

With our top-notch security evaluation, organizations can be more resilient and neutralize threats before they cause damage to finances and credibility. Get the best vulnerability assessment service provider – Net Access, and run operations peacefully.

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What constitutes our security assessment?

Endpoint security

Our cybersecurity specialists fortify endpoint devices like desktops, laptops, and smartphones from threats by evaluating the effectiveness of cyberattack prevention protocols.

Data privacy

We look into the strength of your data security and test its exposure using industry-leading approaches to ensure safety and compliance.

Network security

In our network security assessment services, we identify and remediate vulnerabilities in routers, hubs, servers, and other network components through a comprehensive security evaluation.

Privileged access management

Our experts safeguard confidential data in your organization from unauthorized access by classifying privileged accounts, monitoring user activities, and auditing privileged access.

User access control

This service assesses the integrity of a company’s UAC compliance and procedures. We check account configurations, unauthorized access points, and password strength to implement vulnerability assessment services.

How we deploy our holistic cybersecurity assessment services

At Net Access, we meticulously plan and execute the following steps to assess the integrity of cybersecurity in organizations.

Assessment planning

  • Identification of IT components that require analysis such as applications, user configurations, network, and prioritization.
  • Clear outlining of assessment objectives. For example, identifying vulnerabilities and checking compliance.
  • Deployment required resources such as cloud experts and threat neutralizers.

Evaluating cyber breach access points

  • Technical assessments to detect security gaps in the IT infrastructure by reviewing source code and scanning for vulnerabilities.
  • Analysis of employees’ adherence to security measures and practices.
  • Reviewing security efforts and evaluation of compliance.

Data collection

  • Mining of information such as documentation of IT assets and compliance reports. For example, past security analysis reports.
  • Interaction with business entities such as employees and administrators to understand security pain points.

Gap analysis

  • Analysis of the risks from detected security gaps.
  • Recommendation of gap fixes and security enhancements to prevent possible cyberattacks.

Report assessment

  • Delivery of a comprehensive report containing an overview, vulnerability findings, and remediation steps.
  • Further elaboration of the assessment report.
Cybersecurity Assessment And Management Services

Security assessment deliverables you get with Net Access

The deliverables of our cyber risk security assessments are as follows.

Report assessment

Data privacy risk assessment reports

High-level elaboration on privileged access management evaluation findings

Comprehensive compliance gap analysis reports

Network configuration diagrams

Network policies and procedures gap reports

User access control penetration testing analysis reports

Endpoint security risk assessment reports

Recommendation deliverables

Advise on improving data privacy strength

Remediation assistance

Remediation guidelines

Advantages of security assessment with Net Access

Our cybersecurity risk assessment services provide you with several benefits. 

Best vulnerability assessment service provider
  • Get knowledgeable consultations on minimizing cyber risks and maximizing safety
  • Gain a complete view of the vulnerabilities existing in your cyber defense.
  • We provide preventative defense systems that stop cyber threats before they grow larger.
  • Adhere to the latest compliance protocols.
  • Clear security assessment budget quotes.
  • Learn about where the security gaps exist in your technology.
  • We safeguard your data from falling into unauthorized internal, partner, and client entities.
  • Drive business growth knowing your cyber security is strong.
  • Learn how cyber threats can impact your business.

Why choose Net Access as your cybersecurity assessment company

Over two decades of experience in cybersecurity evaluation and an extensive positive track record

Well-versed with IT infrastructure in all
industry domains

The best cloud security assessment service provider in India with holistic cloud knowledge

Qualified assessment teams and security professionals in our talent pool

Abiding by HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, and other
compliance norms

cyber risk security assessments
IT security assessment and consulting services

Why businesses turn to Net Access for cybersecurity assessment and management services

Our security advisory & assessment services can save you from potential cyber threats that can bring operations to a grinding halt.

  • An increase in work-from-home cultures this requiring a cybersecurity assessment
  • A growing number of wireless devices prompts hiring our cloud security assessment cybersecurity services.
  • Ample social media profile data increases the likelihood of socially engineered cyber-attacks.

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I highly recommend the assessment services for all businesses.

Hepsi Hussain

I like how after assessment, they give me remediation consultations.

Edward Monte

I gained a very good understanding of cybersecurity from the experts in the company.

Atul Lakshya

I saved my business from potential mishaps by hiring cloud security assessment services from Net Access.

Surender Babu

I fixed the discrepancies in my application security thanks to the team’s incredible application security assessment services.

Lakshmi Priya

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, cloud data can be at risk due to poor protection configuration. We can help fix that with our cloud security assessment services.

We scan your entire IT infrastructure with sophisticated tools to know the strength of your cyber defense.

It depends on the scale and complexity of your organization.

Phishing, malware attacks, and unauthorized user access are some of the common cyber attacks.

Yes, we provide recommendations and fixing services you can choose from. 

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