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Highly acclaimed cybersecurity monitoring company for the identification of vulnerabilities in your technology and execution of remediation and prevention protocols to maintain and restore security

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Managed Detection And Response Services

Ultimate cybersecurity monitoring and management

An underlying factor that holds all business operations together is security. When that is left unmonitored and uncontrolled, it can lead to potential data breaches and cyber threats. At Net Access, we implement high-tech cyber monitoring services defenses that mitigate risks and disruptions from cyber attacks. 

Simultaneously focusing on monitoring and innovating business activities can distract you from one another, leading to compromises in both areas. You can leave infrastructure monitoring for cyber threats to our cyber risk monitoring experts. We look into every nook and corner of your infrastructure concerning security and swiftly act on anything that looks suspicious.

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How we make cybersecurity threat monitoring work

We check and deploy cybersecurity monitoring and threat detection systems at every step of your IT infrastructure pipeline.

cybersecurity monitoring and threat detection systems

Network security governance

Evaluation of network activities through comprehensive logs enables us to execute remedies from multiple approaches. That includes employing Behavioural Analytics (BA) and Intrusion Detection (IDS) systems.

Cybersecurity Threat Monitoring Work

Endpoint protection

We also protect endpoints like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from potential threats with Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) and deploy Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

Transform your Dynamics 365 environment for outstanding business performance

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses operate over the cloud and are scaling rapidly. And in that process, the complexity of ensuring protection systems at every point in the technology landscape is increasing. Network security and monitoring oversights are the leading cause of daily cyberattack reports. 

Cybersecurity monitoring designates our specialists to watch developments in your infrastructure closely in real-time. On identification of security gaps, we eliminate them then and there and deploy measures to prevent similar instances from occurring again. In a nutshell, consistent cybersecurity monitoring helps:

  • Identify and neutralize new types of cyber threats
  • Minimize subsequent threat neutralization time
  • Minimize Comply with industry norms for cybersecurity threat neutralization time
cyber monitoring services

Managed detection and response services

Incident management services

  • Cyberthreat remediation training
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Breach management program
  • Incident management planning
  • Incident response and forensics
  • Incident management retrospective

Managed security services

  • Managed SEIM
  • Managed cyber breach detection and response
  • Managed security program
  • Managed CISO program
  • Security role performance

Our cybersecurity monitoring services

Comprehensive services for your every threat intelligence monitoring need.

Security Threat Monitoring and Intrusion Detection (SIEM)

Aggregation and analysis of security activities for accurate and effective responses to cyber threats.

Patch Maturity Assessment and Management

Ensuring the latest patch deployments in your IT ecosystem are proper and correct to mitigate any security vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Detection, evaluation, and management of security layers via comprehensive system reviewing and vulnerability scanning.

Penetration Testing

Testing of system security by launching cyberattack simulations to identify software vulnerabilities.

Red Team Assessment

Voluntary exploitation of gaps in IT infrastructure security so our specialists can strengthen the security backbone.

How it works

Our advanced information security monitoring approach is in detail.

Ultimate Cybersecurity Monitoring And Management

Detection of abnormal traffic from
infrastructure assets

Cyber Threat Monitoring System

Reporting of incident to available responders
for inspection

cloud security monitoring service providers

Inspect results reach threat neutralizer for
root cause analysis

Cyber Security monitoring services

Compilation of complete incident report with a remediation strategy

Information security monitoring

Training of AI/ML models to tackle similar
issues in the future

Cyber Security monitoring services

Continuation of active monitoring of
infrastructure components

Cyber Security monitoring services
Cyber Security monitoring services

Limitations of relying on an in-house cyber threat monitoring system

Peering into each and every file from a massive volume of data by a non-professional in-house team can lead to oversights. It takes rigorous training and certifications to spot malicious activities in software components. 

Furthermore, Managing an in-house cyber threat department costs are incredibly expensive. There are a lot of security tools investments. To do away with steep expenses and rely on highly-skilled professionals, companies are increasingly hiring managed cyber and cloud security monitoring service providers

Why choose an MDR for cybersecurity monitoring?

Net Access is a highly acclaimed provider of top-end managed cybersecurity monitoring and threat detection services. We consist of highly proficient security specialists, state-of-the-art intelligence tools, and an endpoint technology knowledge base converging under one roof. As a result, we quickly detect and eliminate cyber threats in a few seconds.

Why choose Net Access?


Management commitment

We are committed to providing high-quality services to our customers consistently.


Excellent collaboration

We transform the security systems of customers with a blend of robust business, innovation, and technology skills.


Service level commitments

We take service level agreements seriously and prioritize swift communications to foster positive relationships with our customers.



We employ industry-leading techniques to offer the best services.


Financially-backed system

Our growth over the years has made us financially sound to provide services without interruptions.

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The team gave me a comprehensive brief about everything they are going to do to secure my infrastructure and that was great.

Prajwal Singh

My infrastructure is now way more secure than it was thanks to the incredible team at Net Access.

Lalitha Menon

The best provider of cybersecurity & monitoring services in India.

John Ford

I’m glad I discovered cybersecurity network monitoring services before it was too late for my business.

Gowtham Mani

The benefits of internal network security monitoring were worth every penny. Tremendous work by Net Access.

Rajeswari Mittal

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Cyber threats aren’t always the same. They can take up new forms and new ways of intrusion. Constant monitoring helps safeguard your systems from further cyber-attacks.
It depends on the level of security your business operations will require. Reach us to discuss this today.
Proactive monitoring helps detect malicious activities before they occur, eliminating potential damage and business disruptions.
Security vulnerabilities and improper patch deployments are the leading causes of data breaches.

We monitor infrastructure from networking components to endpoints for the ultimate cybersecurity. 

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